What To Do In Lima With Kids

Peru is a great destination for families. Just 6 months ago, my wife and I traveled with our 2 children (2 under 2!) and spent a week in Lima. Although faced with a couple of long flights and then trying to work naps into our daily schedule, we found that it was a fantastic destination and had a great time. Here are 5 activities I recommend from my experience:

1. Choco Museo. What kid (or adult!) could refuse chocolate. Since you're in one of the world capitals of cacao production, it makes sense to give it a try while visiting. While not suited to our 1-year old, this is a really cool place to spend time with your children. The coolest activity of all? You can make your own chocolate bars from scratch. We're talking from cocoa bean to milk/dark chocolate bar. Also, before or after your appointment, you can spend time walking around Parque Kennedy which has hundreds of domesticated cats (the government feeds them) and tons of artisan markets, paintings, a beautiful cathedral, and cafes. Be sure to make an appointment. Website Here

2. Walk along the Malecon. It's funny how the simplest activities turn into the most memorable experiences on a trip with children. We went on a walk with our children from the Larcomar shopping mall, south along the boardwalk (Malecon) for 45 minutes to an hour. Along the way there are all kinds of interesting things and people to see, including the popular Parque de Amor. If one of the ice cream guys in the yellow uniform goes by, stop them and buy "Jet de Lucuma" ice cream. Stop at one of the huge ocean-view parks and let your kids roam free and play while you enjoy the Pacific breeze.

3. Magic Water Park (Parque de la Reserva). This is a popular stop for all tourists. It is essentially a collection of water fountains. Big fountains, small fountains, water tunnels you can walk through, and to top it off the big nightly show. Giant fountains shoot water into the air and create a wall on which they project designs, lasers, images, and videos. The closest thing I've seen to this is the World of Color at Disneyland California Adventure (minus the Disney characters of course). The admission price is small and it's fairly easy to get to. Just use Uber. This is a great family activity. Parque de la Reserva, TripAdvisor

4. The National Zoo (Parque de las Leyendas). If you're willing to venture off the beaten path, this is a great day activity to do with kids. The national zoo has an incredible collection of animals and they've organized the whole thing around the different climates of Peru. In the high Andes region you'll see animals native to that area and your kids (and you!) can dress up in native costumes and take photos with llamas. The Amazon walk is a lot of fun. To top it off, the park also features a giant archaeological complex under excavation. Pre-Incan pyramids can be seen throughout the zoo. The entrance few is minimal (couple dollars per person) but this is a great way to spend 1 day in Lima with children. If you choose to do this, us Uber as a reliable transportation method to and from your hotel. Website

As always, whenever people ask me for recommendations in Lima, I tell them to plan everything around food. The same goes for traveling with children. Make sure you research the restaurants that you would like to try and then in between meals squeeze in the activities above.



Jared Snow