Try San Antonio's In Lima

There's a great little cafe called San Antonio's Pasteleria in Lima, Peru.

The waiters greet you at the entrance. They have white aprons and krispy-kreme-shaped hats and sit you at the perfect booth or stool. I don't sit for long. I stand up and go window shopping to inspect the breads, sandwiches, pastries, and tarts are available that day.

Then, I sit back down and order the same thing as always: a large hot chocolate + Italian flauta sandwich. 

This isn't a 7-Eleven hot chocolate. This is real cacao and it is bitter. You may need to add sugar, but I don't. I've had practice.

For dessert, you're on your own. The possibilities are endless and I've never had a loser. Last time it was a chocolate croissant. Next time it will be a cannoli.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Doesn't matter. Try San Antonio's at some point if you're ever in Lima.



Jared Snow