Chef of Lima's Central Restaurant Wins 2016 Chef Of The Year

(The Daily Meal) - For 39-year-old Virgilio Martínez, the chef and owner of Lima, Peru’s renowned restaurant Central, cooking is more than just a profession, science, or art. It’s a way to showcase the vast culinary diversity of Peru, and by all accounts, he’s succeeding in a way that few could have predicted. Central has been named the best restaurant in Latin America and the fourth-best restaurant in the world by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. For those reasons, and his dedication to introducing little-known indigenous ingredients to new audiences, he’s been voted The Daily Meal’s 2016 International Chef of the Year.


I like this guy. Virgilio Martinez is committed to showcasing Peruvian flavors to the world. He explains in the article that the reason Peru has so much to offer is "our biodiversity, the many microclimates, our nature, forests, the Andes, and our cultural diversity."

Major props to an incredible chef who departed Peru as a young man to study international cuisine and then came back and is now fully committed to growing Peruvian gastronomy while protecting Peru's ecosystems.

Jared Snow