Current President of Peru offers 100K reward for capture of Alejandro Toledo, Former President of Peru

(El Comercio) Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's government decided to add Alejandro Toledo to the Most Wanted List and offers a reward of 100,000 soles to whichever foreign person can provide information for his capture.

According to the Minister of the Interior, Carlos Basombrio, the objective is to find him in the next few hours.


You can't make this stuff up. In today's political climate I guess nothing can surprise us, but this is borderline.

I guess former President Alejandro Toledo is in trouble for sneaking some sideline money during his presidency, which, oddly enough, is one of the reasons why he was elected President in the first place (he led the resistance against Fujimori, another former President who was captured and put in jail).

We will now all watch and wait, this is better than a novela.

Jared Snow