A Five-Month Road Trip Across South America

(AFAR) - I’m very passionate about South America as a destination. I spent time growing up in both Peru and Chile and also worked as a guide leading treks up some of the tallest mountains on the continent. The concept of this trip focused on themes that my wife and I are both extremely passionate about—the mountains and the connection between the different countries and cultures of South America. We said, ‘Why don’t we do a trip that goes from the southernmost tip of the continent, through small villages and mountains, towards the northernmost tip?’ And that’s what we did.

Taking the time to spend five months together, sleeping in a tent together, cooking our food together, figuring out our day-to-day plans with each other—those things truly connected us and made us a more stable family.


What a trip. What a family. It's one thing to go on a trip to Peru / South America. It's another trip entirely to live and travel via 4x4 as you explore the Andes. In today's world where we experience so much of the world through screens, it must have been an incredible experience to disconnect (reconnect?) and see the beautiful cultures of South America as a family.

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Jared Snow