Heavy Rain In Lima

(Peru This Week) - During this time of the year it doesn’t normally rain in Lima. This morning however there was such a particular heavy rain, causing some flooding in several parts of the city and car accidents along the Costa Verde, as reported by El Comercio. Additionally, the city’s main routes, such as Via Expresa, were flooded, which led to vehicular congestion.

Senamhi reported that the rain began at midnight and carried on for the next couple of hours, intensifying with time. Isabel Ramos, Senamhi’s meteorologist, indicated that rains were centered in the west and east part of Lima.

Outside of the city center, Wednesday was noticeably cloudy, a common occurrence in the mountainous areas during the summer season. However, due to high wind speed conditions, the clouds eventually moved to the coastal area. Ramos said that the intense rains are also caused by Lima’s high humidity.

Fortunately, she notes it will likely rain again this week but not with the same intensity as today.

Jared Snow