Peru's Former President A Part of Latin America's Biggest Corruption Scandal

(New York Times) - Latin America’s biggest corruption scandal is shaking the continent’s political establishment.

The most spectacular case so far involves Alejandro Toledo, the president of Peru from 2001 to 2006, and a wanted man since a judge last week issued an arrest warrant on charges that he had accepted up to $35 million in bribes.


The company in question is Odebrecht, a Brazilian company. Over the past decade they've built the Inter-Oceanic highway ($4.5B), the yet-unfinished natural gas pipeline connecting the Amazon to the coast by cutting through the Andes Mountains ($7B) and the subway line in Lima.

The deals between Peru and this company have involved the past 3 presidents. Toledo is said to have taken $30M+ in bribes.

Current President PPK called US President Donald Trump this week to ask for help in deporting Toledo who was most recently seen teaching at Stanford.


Jared Snow