Where in the world is Alejandro Toledo?

(ABC News) - a judge issued an arrest order for Toledo, finding that the evidence presented by prosecutors suggested there was a high probability he had received bribes from a Brazilian construction firm that has admitted to paying off officials throughout Latin America.

Toledo is accused of taking some $20 million in bribes from Odebrecht to favor the company so it could win a contract to build a highway from Brazil to Peru's Pacific Coastline.

Toledo, who was last believed to be in Paris a week ago, has denied any wrongdoing.


He'll have company, Peru's ex-president Alberto Fujimori is already behind bars for taking money under the table.

Let's hope that PPK, the current president, can change the tone. He's already embroiled in an in-depth debate about whether or not to build an airport in Chinchero.

The search starts in California where's a consultant for Stanford University. Remember: $30K to anyone who provides information that leads to his capture.

Jared Snow