World Bank and UCL donation to the Peruvian Amazon

(SOURCE: Peru This Week) - The World Bank Group and Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) have announced a new funding opportunity aimed at preventing gender-based violence in developing countries.

Last year the World Bank sponsored a competition to grant funds to prevent gender-based violence (GBV),reported by Funds for NGo’s. DB Peru and the University College London (UCL) will receive a $150,000 grant for Gender-Based Violence Prevention in the Amazon of Peru (GAP).

What is DB Peru? It is a NGO that has been working in the lower Napo River region of the Peruvian Amazon since 2002. DB Peru provides primary and emergency healthcare, dental clinics, medicines, communications equipment and donated supplies to around 28 villages located around the Napo River area.

Renzo Peña, Vice President of DB Peru and Dr. Jenevieve Mannell of UCL will travel to the World Bank headquarters in Washington DC on April 2017 to receive the award.

The project leader and author of the grant is Dr. Geordan Shannon, an Australian medical doctor who has done extensive research on gender-based violence in the area of Iquitos and the lower Napo River villages. She is currently a PhD student at the UCL and is the Medical Director for DB Peru.

The GAP project will officially begin in November 2017 and DB Peru is always seeking for professional help and new volunteers. If you are interested in becoming part of this project or want to check out their upcoming programs, go to their website.

Jared Snow