Lares Trek vs. Inca Trail?

I’m 34 and travelling alone to Machu Picchu and would like to know which Trek is better Lares or Inca? All I know is that the Inca is more popular, which one is better?
— Jay R - Toronto, Canada

"Better" will depend on what types of treks you enjoy.

Inca Trail will have significantly more people (500 departures per day). You will see 7 Incan sites only accessible by foot. Beautiful views, but semi-touristy. FYI, this is the only trek that actually ends by hiking through the Sun Gate right into Machu Picchu.

Lares Trek will have incredible stunning scenery, world-class views of the Andes. You may or may not see other groups or people during your time on this trail. No Incan sites, bigger focus on the natural scenery and interaction in a couple of villages.



Jared Snow