What are summer temperatures in Paracas?

Hi we are hoping to spend a couple of days in Paracas at the end of July and as a treat for our 16year old (it’s her birthday) we have booked La Hacienda Bahia ( having made her hike endlessly and stay in budget accom for the previous 2 weeks!). We are now wondering if this is a waste of money, if it is not hot enough to use the swimming pools. Has anyone been stayed here at this time of year? Google says it may be 22c but very windy? Thanks!
— mckeevers5

Temperatures are going to be similar to Lima. Low will be around 12C (55F) and high will no higher than 23C (75F). It will be windy as you're right on the coast. Most hotels have hot tubs, so make sure and check with Hacienda Bahia. If you're looking for a beach getaway with good temperatures I would probably suggest Mancora as a better option.

Jared Snow