What are typical meals and eating habits in Peru?

In the simplest of descriptions:

Breakfast. Fresh bread, quinoa, deli meats, pate, coffee, tea, meats, or cheeses.

Lunch. This is the big meal of the day. It would be something like ceviche, tacu tacu, soup, sandwiches, lomo saltado, aji de gallina, or some sort of stew. Think major protein or legumes with soup and a side dish.

Dinner. This meal is usually lighter. It could be anticuchos from a street cart, or, in a normal family home, some mixture of breakfast and lunch. Perhaps leftovers, or at the very least some fresh bread, coffee, tea, deli meats, cheeses, etc. Should be said: no seafood for dinnertime. No ceviche, that’s only for lunch. Seriously.

One thing that is certain: Peruvians eat WELL. You must try their incredible food while visiting.



Jared Snow