Why You Should Book With Destination Peru

Create Your Own Adventure

We want to get to know you. We want to know what you want out of this trip and how we can help to make that happen. Our Peru Travel Experts work with you every step of the way to make sure your itinerary is exactly what it needs to be to make this your best trip yet.

World Class Service

Our legendary service ensures that your every need is met. With 24/7 support before and during your trip, we're able to attend to your every need and make sure that everything goes exactly the way you want it to go. Genuine care and comfort of our guests is our highest mission.

Local Insight

Our incredible guides all studied at the best universities in Peru and will explain the history, culture, food, and nuances of this incredible country. Their level of expertise and service may even surpass the impressiveness of the sites.

Peru, Customized For You

The reason the whole world loves Peru is because it has so much to offer. Whether you enjoy food, archaeology, culture, history, river rafting, yoga, fishing, or anything else, Peru has something for you. During the booking process, our Peru Travel Experts get to know you and your expectations for the trip and create a trip that is just for you. This special touch will make all the difference.

Best Value for Your Time and Money

We spent years of research so that you don't have to. We dedicate hundreds of hours each year to reviewing itineraries, learning about the latest and greatest sites that Peru has to offer, inspecting hotels and ensuring that your schedule maximizes your time and money and avoids the crowds as much as possible. While other visitors are stuck in tourist-traps, you will be rested and relaxed knowing that we are one-step-ahead. 

Our Story

Our Founder, Jared Snow, fell in love with Peru the moment he fell in love with his wife. She's from Peru, you see. In the early years on their marriage they lived in Cusco, the Machu Picchu area, and Lima. Destination Peru was born.

After seeing hundreds of frustrated travelers, who either missed out on beautiful opportunities, or had an unenjoyable experience in Peru by trusting the wrong company, Jared created Destination Peru to ensure that none of our guests experience that problem.

Our attention to detail and world-class service stem from this beginning and have become our trademark touch. Welcome to the family, and welcome, to the trip of a lifetime.

How We Create The Trip of a Lifetime

get to know you

This is where the magic happens. We want to know all about you. What you like/dislike about travel, what you're looking to accomplish. Is this trip for relaxation or adventure or both? This is our opportunity to get to know you and welcome you to the family. This step is key to creating the perfect trip to Peru.

create the perfect itinerary

Once we're armed with all of your travel information, we take the time to craft a custom itinerary for you. We have a wealth of approved hotel partners throughout the country, so whether you're looking for the perfect boutique luxury property, or a familiar franchise, we create the trip that will fulfill all of your highest expectations. We also prepare each day of travel to ensure that you see the best

Make Any Necessary Tweaks

This is the part where you get to make any changes you want to the itinerary. Believe it or not, we're not perfect mind-readers, so this is a really fun step in the process to give your itinerary your personal touch.


Book Your Trip to Peru

Outside of 60 days, we require a small deposit for each traveler, as well as a copy of each guest's passport. Upon completing these steps we guarantee your train tickets, entrance permits, hiking permits, and hotels. 60 days prior to your arrival, the balance is due and your trip becomes 100% solidified. All that's left is to get ready for the trip of your life.

Trip Preparations

We know how daunting it can be to prepare for a major international trip. We've prepared a wealth of documents, including frequently asked questions, packing information, weather trends, advice on avoiding altitude sickness, how to change money, etc. You work with your Peru Travel Expert to resolve any questions and to be completely prepared for when you step onto Incan soil.

The Trip of a Lifetime

This is what sets us apart from all of the other tour companies in Peru. We're constantly anticipating needs and ensuring that your trip itinerary runs smoothly. The great thing about private, custom tours is that you can easily make changes on the fly. Did you fall in love with the llama reserve in the Sacred Valley? Great, stay there for an extra hour. Feeling tired and want to sleep in? No problem, we'll pick you up later and adjust your itinerary as needed. Welcome, to the trip of a lifetime.

Your Arrival Back Home

It's always a sad day when you have to leave Peru. After experiencing Wonders of the World, incredible food, remarkable culture, and after having made life-long friends, as you lift off from the shores of Lima you will have plenty of adventures to recollect on the ride home. We're excited to host you throughout your trip in Peru and can't wait to see you again.

What Sets Us Apart

Private, Custom Travel

One of the most frustrating aspects of traveling in Peru with a normal tour company is that you're stuck on a schedule. With our private, custom itineraries, you can make changes on the fly. This is YOUR trip and we want to make sure it goes just the way you like.

Attention to Detail

Our expertise is in our anticipation. We keep track of all of the aspects of your trip with our world-class logistics team, headquartered both in Cusco, Peru and back in the United States. The little touches on your trip will make all the difference.

World Class Support, 24/7

Altitude sickness at 2AM? Need to communicate with friends or family back home? Want to make a reservation at a restaurant in Lima? We offer 24/7 support via phone, email, and text to make sure you're always covered.

The Finest Partners in Peru

We spent years working with the best providers in the country. Whether you want a boutique luxury hotel, or to make your own chocolate bar from the Cacau bean to the finished product, we guarantee the finest services available.


We only focus on Peru. We don't offer any other destinations in Latin America or throughout the world. Our focused expertise is what sets us apart. While other companies are distracted by other travels, we're dialed in on making your time in Peru incomparable.